24 Dec

Tis’ the Season for Christmas Nails!

Merry Christmas!

I love this time of year, holiday parties with family and friends, presents, great food, and hot toddies!

 And did  I mention HOLIDAY themed NAILS!

This month I have tried out a bunch of different nail designs to get into the Holiday spirit.


I HAD to try this color by Color Club called Harp On It. It’s from their Holographic collection and it just screams winter to me. It’s the perfect silver!  The white color is WHITE  by Milani lol (this is the color we used for the snowflake stamps). The blue is  Dream by Zoya, and the glittered polish is Paris It Girl by Julep.


The stamping plates that we used are by Moyou London. Check them out online, they have so many different collections.



So, I never like all my nails the same color, and I really wanted to use the holographic color by Color Club as much as possible. So, I decided to do it on alternating nails, and only stamped over the blue Zoya color.

So, Cassandra ( from On Wednesday’s We Wear Polish ) is the stamping queen and always does it flawlessly. This time I was able to catch her in action, and it really is super easy when you have the right tools.





I got tons of compliments on this winter wonderland themed manicure. And both the Color Club and the Zoya polish lasted for a week and a half with no chips. I will definitely be trying Color Club polish again.


Nothing says Christmas like a fresh red coat of polish. Smith and Cult is a new nail polish line that I stumbled upon. It’s a 5 – free formula which means it does not contain Dibutyl, Phthalate, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor. So, it is completely safe for pregnant women, and children.

The color’s that I used for this manicure are Kundalini Hustle (red) and Dirty Baby (black). I kept this manicure simple because I really wanted to see how the coverage was for this new line, and how long it would last. Dirty Baby has fine silver glitter mixed in with the black, so it is great to add a pop to any manicure or even if you did it alone. Kundalini Hustle is a great fire engine red , but in certain light it has orange-y undertones.  However, this manicure held up well. I kept this polish on for 8 days and it did not chip. I will be trying out more colors from this line.


So, I love green but not really a big fan of this color combination. But, HEY! It’s festive!


The color’s used in this manicure are; Jingle Hi Jingle Low by Essie,  Jest-er Kidding by Morgan Taylor, Stassi by Zoya and Shake Your $$$ Maker by Essie.

First off I am NOT the biggest fan of Essie because in my opinion it has very minimal coverage and you need a thousand coats for it to look opaque. However, Jingle Hi Jingle Low is a great metallic polish, that covered so well. But, Shake Your $$$ Maker was super watery, so I added a coat of Stassi by Zoya on top to make the green sparkly.


I originally did this manicure to try out this gold, red and green glitter by Morgan Taylor. Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed. When applying the glitter polish over the Essie color, I barely got any red or green specks. I did like 5 coats of polish and it still looked very scarce. I don’t know if that is how it is supposed to be but I wasn’t too happy with the end result. =(

But, surprisingly I got lot’s of compliments on this manicure!


Candy canes and Christmas go hand in hand. And when I saw some fun candy cane themed manicures on Pinterest , I got inspired. (Check out my Pinterest, Here!)

candy cane 1

The color used in this manicure is Livingston by Zoya. A white nail art pen was used to make the candy cane stripes.

cc3cc 2

At first we kept the candy cane plain, but to add some dimension we added red loose glitter to the Livingston color to make it sparkly. Then we added thin red stripes to the thicker white lines. And it really made a huge difference!



I usually use Seche Vite top coat religiously but my friend introduced me to this stuff called Rush. This top coat is AMAZING! It is super thick because it is a nail lacquer so it leaves your nail ridiculously shiny like you have on gels. I don’t think I can use anything else now. And did I mention it dries in 60 SECONDS!!! This is a MUST HAVE for all my nail addicts out there, and it’s only 4.99. It is sold at many beauty supply stores, but I found it HERE!

Thank You for checking out my blog, and have a very Merry Christmas!

Love you mean it!


17 Dec

Exfoliate Winter Skin Away!

Hi loves!

I am so sorry, I have been MIA! Wedding planning is literally sucking the life out of me, only 4 and a half months until the big day. So, its crunch time!

As the weather gets colder, and wedding stress starts to get more intense, it is so important for me to stick to a strict regimen to insure my skin is healthy! No one wants a dry flaky skin at their Christmas party! So, I am going to share with your my favorite skin care products.

 I am ALL about exfoliating during the winter and these are a few of my MUST HAVES!!!!


It is important to not use super abrasive exfoliants , and its usually not good to exfoliate your face daily due to irritation. But, this product proves this theory wrong and is why I fell in love with Daily Microfoliant by Dermalogica ($52). I personally LOVE this product, and I think it is worth every penny. Since, this is an exfoliant that can be used daily it is alot finer, and you dont feel like you are scraping off your face. I use this every day after I cleanse my face to lift off any debris my cleanser missed, and to combat my dry winter skin. This microfoliant also contains Salicylic Acid which helps with my acne prone skin type.


Daily Microfoliant is a fine powder and when you add a little water it turns into a rough paste. You then rub this on your face in circular motions for 60 seconds, rinse and VOILA! Every time you use this product your face feels smoother and brighter, and over the years I can tell this product has evened my skin tone. I also like this product because any makeup you have left on your face will DEFINITELY be off after using this. The bottle usually lasts for about 6 months, so it might seem a little pricey but considering I use this daily, I think it is well worth the money.

Another product that I am absolutely OBSESSED with is the Ultimate Buffing Cloth by Dermalogica ($15)


Instead of using a loofah or wash cloth this buffing cloth gently buffs away rough skin and leaves you feeling silky smooth. It has a rough texture that you feel is doing its job by getting off all of your dead skin, but it’s not too rough that your skin feels raw. Just pour your favorite body wash on the cloth, lather, and your good to go!

I have always been skeeved out by loofahs and how unsanitary they are but a major pro with this product is that I can throw it in the wash weekly and its perfectly fine.  LOVE IT!

Now lets look at my favorite body exfoliants!


I just started using this product about two months ago and I have fallen in love with it. This is the Glow Sugar Scrub by Beauty Counter ($38) (check out this link to view additional products from my Beauty Counter representative Susan Farber). This is a daily exfoliant that contains brown sugar which scrubs away dead skin, and is jam packed with oils that leaves your skin feeling  supple and silky smooth. Not to mention, this product has a lemon grass scent that is so refreshing you will never want to come out of the shower.


This product is advertised as a daily exfoliant but for my skin, it is a bit too abrasive. So, I use it every two days as to not irritate my skin too much. This scrub is super oily so it is perfect for this time of year when your skin is extra dry from the cold. But, BE CAREFUL due to the oiliness of the product your shower may be slippery, so I wipe my shower down after I use this so my fiance doesn’t slip in the shower when its his turn LOL.


 The Ahava Softening Butter Salt Scrub ($24) is HANDS DOWN my favorite body scrub. My fiance got me hooked on this line a couple Christmases ago, and now I can’t live with out it.  This scrub is a thick mixture of Dead Sea salts, minerals and oils. Out of all of the body scrubs that I use this is the most gentle, and I recommend this for daily use.


This product starts off like a scrub, but when water is added it turns into a creamy lotion that leaves your skin feeling amazing!  It feels like you are literally rubbing butter into your skin. It’s hard to find an exfoliator that equally gives you that “scrub” feeling but at the same time completely hydrates your skin, and this product does exactly that. I just can’t get enough of this stuff!

Thanks for checking out my blog, and I hope this helped you decide what skincare products will help get you through the winter.



love you mean it!