19 May

The Best Day of My Life..

You don’t understand how time consuming planning a wedding is; until your.. well PLANNING A WEDDING! I can remember the first day I got engaged and now I have been married for a month. Time truly flies, and the best advice I can give to any new bride is to soak up EVERY SECOND of this time in your life, because getting married is such an indescribeable feeling.

They tell you that as soon as you say ” I do” things instantly change. That sounded crazy to me, because I couldn’t understand how saying two simple words could change EVERYTHING! Especially when I felt things were pretty great in my relationship already.

But, it did! Something happens when you express to your close family and friends your unconditional love for someone, it changes you. I never knew I could feel so connected to another person in my entire life. This man isn’t my boyfriend, or fiance, he is my HUSBAND forever.


Our wedding day was April 23, 2015 and we chose The Rockleigh Country Club as our wedding venue in New Jersey. As soon as we visited The Rockleigh we knew we had to get married there. We previously saw about 30 wedding venues and we were just in awe as soon as we walked in. The premises were so pristine and elegant that it just seemed like the perfect choice for our simple, elegant, wedding.


Now, just for the record I didn’t hire a wedding planner for two reasons. First, I thought it was a waste of my money. I know wedding planners work hard to bring your  ideas to life, but I just didn’t want to spend the money when I knew I could do it my self. Secondly, I have trust issues, and would have been micromanaging whoever I hired! In hindsight, I should have hired a wedding coordinator just to alleviate some stress while planning all the little details. But, for the most part if you are newly engaged you can really save money by planning on your own.

The color’s of our wedding were gold and emerald green.

The flowers we used throughout the wedding were white roses and white lisianthus.

I made all of the place cards, and frames my selves. I am not really the best at DIY projects, but I love how everything came out.


My bouquet consisted of white roses, white lisianthus, white freesia, white dendrobium orchids, eucalyptus, and green berries.



For the reception area we wanted to keep the room romantic and dim so we opted for;  hundred of candles, tall glass stem vases combined with floating candles, white roses, and lisianthus.




Now, let’s get to the dress! I tried on a bunch of dresses, all different styles because I really had no clue what I wanted. I thought I needed to try on everything because I didn’t want to miss out on the dress of my dreams! But as soon as this Vera Wang gown touched my skin I knew it was the one. What really stood out to me most with this gown, was the halter top and the flower details. It was pretty hard to find a dress that wasn’t  strapless, so that really caught my eye.




It kills me that I will never be able to wear my Vera Wang dress again. Ultimately, I want to have my dress framed and hung in my closet. But, until then I’ll continue to hug it every morning!





My maid of honor had these Converse made for me to change into during the reception.


I wore a 130 inch cathedral drop veil. I loved how delicate and grand it looked with my gown.



Mommy daughter moment!


My bridesmaids wore lux chiffon gowns by Dessy in hunter green.





For my wedding nails, I decided to do a lace detailed manicure that I tried before in the past and loved. I had my fellow nail guru Cassandra do my nails, and they came out perfectly! The color is Brigette by Zoya.

wedding nails


Most brides see their groom for the first time when they walk down the aisle. But, my husband and I decided we wanted to do a first look before the ceremony to get rid of any jitters. This really was one of the most memorable moments of my wedding day, and I recommend this to any future bride who wants to get the bulk of their pictures done prior to the ceremony. I am so grateful we decided to do this because I would have been even more of a nervous wreck walking down the aisle, then I already was.





The entertainment at my wedding was amazing. Absolute Celebrations had my guests ready to turn up as soon as the reception started. Everyone knows good music makes a party, and I was so worried about that. But I really had nothing to worry about, everything was on point! I still have people telling me how great the DJ and MC were.




Advice to future brides

1. Don’t worry about the little details. On your big day your not going to worry about if your flower girl basket and ring barrier pillow match. In the grand scheme of things, NO ONE cares or notices these things.

2. Make sure you pick the right wedding party! I cant stress this point enough . You want to have a wedding party that will help alleviate stress not cause it. I was very lucky to have such great bridesmaids to share this time with.


3. Make sure you cut corners and budget in the right places. For instance, don’t get a cheap inexperienced photographer and splurge on flowers. Remember it is only one night , so think of what you are actually going to keep from that day. Flowers die, pictures are forever.

I am beyond thankful and blessed to have had such a beautiful wedding. Thank you to my gorgeous mother, mother in law, bridesmaids, family, friends and my husband for helping make this day perfect.


Getting married was like adding a period to the sentence which was our love. I just feel so complete, and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect, more beautiful, more honest wedding day. It was the best day of my life.


Love you mean it.


A special thanks to all of my vendors who made this day perfect!

Photography – Kristina Traficante Photography

DJ – Absolute Celebrations

Florist – Jardiniere Fine Flowers

Nails – Cassandra from On Wednesday’s We Wear Polish

Hair – Debbie Dazulme @abcdebbie

Makeup – Sumayyah Cathcart @makeupbymaymay

06 May

May Beauty Empties!

Hey loves!

So, the dust is starting to settle from my non stop crazy wedding week! Every single thing I wished for came to reality, and I am BEYOND grateful to have had such a beautiful wedding. I’m currently working on a post that will give you an inside look of my perfect day so stay tuned!

But, let me fill you in on my favorite beauty products I’ve used up this month! I’ve never done a “beauty empties” post so I am so excited to share with you some of the products I love.

empties main pic

Deva Care Low Poo $19.95

low poo

This is my favorite shampoo! The whole Deva line is amazing for natural and curly hair, and this shampoo is perfect for me. Low Poo has a mild lather, so it doesn’t strip your hair of all its moisture, and it is sulfate free which protects your color. Deva also has a No Poo shampoo, that doesn’t lather at all but I prefer this one because I feel my hair gets a little cleaner. But, both are worth a try if your looking for a shampoo for dry, natural, curly hair

Lip Medex AKA Blistex $1.50


I mean this is a life staple! I should buy stock in this company because at the end of the day, there is no chapstick that restores moisture and cracked lips better than Blistex. I always have at least 4 of them around because I usually lose them, and then find them weeks later lol.

Baking Soda  & Hydrogen Peroxide $3

baking sodahydrogen peroxide cvs

Having white teeth is a secret obsession of mine. I don’t know if this is clinically approved, but its Ashlie approved LOL! I mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide in a little bowl and brush my teeth with the mixture after I brush with toothpaste. The grit from the baking soda, along with the whitening power of hydrogen peroxide leaves my teeth sparkly!

Crest 3D White Toothpaste $5.00


As I mentioned, I have a teeth whitening problem! So…. this toothpaste is the best, and it really works over time. Trust me, I have tried every toothpaste that promises to whiten teeth and this product is my favorite. And for some reason it’s usually on sale, so that works for me!

Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Conditioner $5.49


Being a natural hair girl is tough without the right products, and this leave in conditioner just gives me the right amount of moisture, restores damage, and provides lots of shine. I have such thick hair so I go through ALOT of product when washing my hair, so the fact that this product is also reasonably price is a huge plus!

MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 Foundation $27

studio fix

The only reason I tried this foundation was because they ran out of my shade in the MAC Matchmaster. I have oily skin in the summer, and dry skin in the winter and I used this product during the winter months. It leaves your face with a matte finish, and I didn’t find that it blended well for me. But, I made it work by mixing it with my BB cream. I would recommend this product for women with oily skin all year round.

MAC Matchmaster SPF 15 Foundation $35


This is my go to foundation because it’s great for combination skin. I just love this stuff, it leaves you will a natural matte finish, and it has translucent pigments that blends so well with my skin tone.  You can go with a thin coverage or pile it on for heavy coverage, this stuff works wonders. And I always have to have a foundation with sunscreen and this has SPF 15.

Smashbox Photo Finish Blemish Control $42

phot finish

I have acne prone skin and I love this product. This contains 2.0 % Salicylic Acid so it prevents breakouts, while giving you an oil free base to apply your foundation. On day’s I don’t wear makeup I just through this on sometimes as my moisturizer. I use this every day under my makeup and it doesn’t dry out your skin like most products that contain Salicylic Acid.

Dermalogica Enviornmental Control Deodarant $22


I’ve talked about my love for Dermalogica products before, and this product really has saved me. I have CRAZY senstive skin under my arms, and I have tried so many products. This deodarant feels like a gel, and goes on completely clear. It moisturizes my skin, doesn’t clog my pores, and has a light lemon scent. It’s quite pricey for deodarant, at about $20 but it lasts about 4 months.

 MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash $17

extended play

This mascara is mostly my favorite because of the applicator. I have very curly eye lashes so my main issue is smudging and getting to the base of my lashes. The brush for this mascara is thin and is great for getting in the corners and those lower lashes.  It is also smudge proof, NOT WATERPROOF. I hate waterproof mascara personally because no matter how much eye makeup remover I put on, there are still always remininets. This mascara goes on thin so you can go for a subtle look, or add a couple more layers for night time.  I LOVE THIS MASCARA!

Thanks for checking out my blog!

Love you mean it!