10 Mar

My Travel Bucket List!

Hi loves!

I know I am not the only person waiting for that tax refund to plan a spring getaway!

Traveling gives me such an appreciation for life, and really puts things in perspective, and I am WAYYYY overdue to get on a plane. Being from the New York/Jersey area going to Florida and the Caribbean has been our vacation destination of choice. I used to think traveling to other countries was some far-fetched idea, but with the proper research going somewhere different can become a reality. Normally, I write about fashion and beauty but I wanted to share with you my travel bucket list.


Few longboats at Railay beach, Krabi, Thailand

From the beaches, the food, and the exotic animals. There are so many reasons I am dying to go to Thailand. Specifically, I want to ride an elephant in the jungle and hug baby Tigers! Is that too much to ask for?!

Exuma Beach, Bahamas

exumaAll I have to say is… swimming pigs! Pigs are my favorite animal, and there is a beach where you can swim with pigs. This sounds like an amazing experience I have to do ASAP!

Santorini, Greece

Santorini-Greece-91There are many islands to visit in Greece, and the general consensus is to go to Santorini. The beaches are different because of the dark volcanic sand. And laying on a yacht in the Aegean Sea doesn’t sound too bad either.


isrealI am Christian, and I have been dying to go on a holy tour to see the places I have read about in the Bible. This is a trip that would reignite my faith, and is mandatory for me.


australiaI’m not going to lie, not really sure what I want to do in Australia. Besides, going to the Outback and trying to not get kicked by a kangaroo. Maybe I can see where Iggy Azalea was created? LOL Either way, I need to see what this continent has to offer.


JapanMy husband was stationed in Japan while in the Navy and he only has amazing things to say about Japan. From the food, the people and the partying…Japan needs to happen!

Aspen, Colorado

visit-aspenSnowboarding isn’t my strong suit, but I might as well try it out at the #1 ski destination in the country!

Great Wall of China

beijing-the-great-wall-of-chinaSuper cliche’ but climbing the Great Wall is a must.


nigerias-eko-atlantic-cityBeing half Nigerian, I am embarrassed to say I have never been to Africa, let alone Nigeria. This trip would be great just to see where my family is from and to get an outsiders view of this beautiful country.

South Africa

Cape_Town_Jun_09_s compress 136There is a hot air balloon safari with my name on it here. South Africa is a completely different experience then visiting other countries in Africa. I also would like to go to Robben Island to see where Nelson Mandela spent his time while in prison.

Machu Picchu, Peru

machu-picchu-late-afternoonAnother natural wonder that I would love to climb, and it would be great to try some authenticate Peruvian food.

Marrakesh, Morocco

Image_Marrakesh_Market_evening_2Marrakesh is one of the oldest trading cities in the world. I really want to go shopping here for amazing fabrics and goods.

The Cannes Film Festival

cannes-croisette-at-nightI honestly just want to go to see what all the hype is about.


Ireland-castleGames of Thrones and Guinness

Salt Flats of Bolivia

salt-flats-3Looks like a spectacular experience, and apparently the pictures don’t really do it justice.

Grand Canyon

Eagle Point and Skywalk

I’ve flown over the Grand Canyon multiple times. Nature amazes me, so I would love to see this in person. Maybe I’ll even do the helicopter tour if I’m feeling ballsy.

Niagara Falls

canada-niagara-falls-horseshoe-fallsAnother great work of nature, that I am ashamed to say I have never visited!


brazil-cityI must go to Brazil during Carnival! The gorgeous women, the food, the partying.. OH MY!


Cc730385-Ancient_Egypt_OneLine_Itineraries_AI_EgyptI have always been obsessed with ancient Egyptian history. This is definitely in my top 5 of places to visit.


cuba_33American’s were banned for years, and now we are able to go. So, I just feel like I need to see what all the fuss was about, and have an authentic Cubano.


all-inclusive-waikiki-hawaii-vacation-packageLearning how to surf in Hawaii has always been on my todo list. Also, my husband INSISTS that I try Coco’s Curry House which is his favorite Japanese curry spot.

Sicily, Italy

sicily-133973There is a food tour in Sicily that I heard is life changing.

Paris, France

Galeries-Lafayette-Paris-FranceWhen I think of Paris, I think of shopping… NOT the Eiffel Tower.



Thanks for checking out my blog post. Hope this helps you think of some different places to visit this Spring and Summer!

Love you mean it!