17 Apr

April Beauty Empties!

Hey loves!

Happy spring! I am trying to purge and get rid of some of the clutter in my apartment, and that starts with getting rid of my beauty empties. Now, that I am literally a subscriber to every beauty box out there, I have way more products then ever! Check out these beauty products that I LOVE and have been using the past couple of months.

Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel $41 ON SALE

This gel cleanser is great for all skin types. I typically have acne prone skin, so I use products with Salycillic Acid which tend to dry out my skin. However, this cleaner is infused with mint and lavender which calms my skin. I use this in the mornings and use my medicated face wash at night to give my skin a break. I definitely will be purchasing this product again.

Aqua Moist Gel by Sally’s Box $43

I received this in one of my Ipsy bags a few months ago… and it was history from there. This water based gel moisturizer, leaves my face feeling so hydrated! Since it contains aloe vera gel, it is soothing and leaves my skin noticably soft. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!

M.A.C. Patent Polish Lip Pencil in Sultana $21

I’ve talked about this lip gloss before, and nothing has changed. This is my daily lip color, and I pray M.A.C. doesn’t discontinue it ( I always feel like the products I love are limited edition ). I know matte lip gloss is the trend, but I just hate the feeling of dry lips. This lipstick is creamy, and lasts for hours. Get this, you will not be disappointed.

AVON Clearskin Professional Deep Pore Cleaning Scrub $4.59

My mother in law is chemist for AVON, so I am always trying out their products. I have tried many of their face washes but this cleaner is the best. This cleansing  scrub is packed with Salicylic acid and scrubber beads that make their way deep into your pores to prevent breakouts. I have been using this product for a couple of years now, and I HIGHLY recommend!

Overnight Clearing Gel by Dermalogica $50

This is a topical gel treatment to prevent night time breakouts. It is a little pricey but significantly helps shrink my pimples. I am not sure if I will purchase this product again because I have used a few less expensive alternatives that work just the same.

The PORE-fessional Face Primer by Benefit $30

I have heard great things about this primer, so I decided to try it. Unfortunately, I hated it. The consistency of the primer is what bothered me, I felt like it didn’t blend into my skin well and was a bit cakey. I understand that it is supposed to fill your pores like putty, to create a smooth surface for your foundation. But, it just didn’t work for me. I do not recommend this primer.

Dior Addict It-Lash Mascara $29

Love this mascara! I stumbled upon it because my normal Diorshow mascara was out of stock. I quickly read some great reviews about this product, and I was not disappointed. The applicator separates and lengths my curly lashes. It also has a spiked ball separator on the end to get into the corners. I will purchase this mascara in the future.

Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner – Marc Jacobs $25

Am I the only one who hates sharpening eye liners? Well.. because I have stabbed my self too many times with pencil eye liners, I only use gel liners and this stuff is the TRUTH! It glides on effortlessly, last for 12 hours, and is waterproof. This is now the only eyeliner I ever need. Oh! and it has a built in sharpener at the base. All in all, this is a great product and worth the price.

LA Girl HD Pro Concealer $4.99

This makeup staple never lets me down. I have this in many colors, but I use Toast most. I think the main reason I love this concealer, is the brush applicator. It helps me shape my eye brows and contour effortlessly. Also, because the packaging is soft you are able to squeeze out every last drop of product.

Urban Decay All NighterMakeup Setting Spray $10

I bought this on a whim, while standing online at Sephora (the impulse buy tunnel of death). I forgot I needed a setting spray, and saw this was only 10 bucks! Now, this came in a  travel size and lasted for about 6 months! So, that alone makes me want to buy this product again. The setting spray mists evenly and feels light, NOT crunchy as I have found with other setting sprays. I will purchase this product again.

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Love you mean it!

Ashlie <3

15 Mar

Nail Review: SNS Gelous Collection

Hi loves!

Hope you are staying warm! New York is getting over a foot of snow, so I am staying nice and cozy indoors.

So.. for about a year now, I have been getting acrylic or gel extensions on my nails. I know there is this stigma behind acrylic that it ruins your nails, but I don’t find it any more damaging than a gel manicure. However, the other day when I went to the nail salon I decided to soak off my acrylics and give my nails a rest. The nail technician was trying to up-sell the hell out of me…and she won. I decided to try the Signature Nail System Gelous Color.

You might know SNS as the pink and white powder. It is a much healthier alternative for your nails because it requires no glue or UV light, and lasts two to three weeks.

The colors are in powder form, and in different little jars. Each color is a series of numbers instead of a name, so I went with a slate gray with a hint of glitter (SC15).

First, Amy applied the gel base coat on my bare nails.

Then she dipped my nail into the powder, and tapped off the excess.

After she went through all my nails once she repeated the process by adding more gel base coat and dipping the nail into the powder.

This was the finished result after three coats of powder. Not too pretty.

Amy then applied the sealant to lock in the powder, and started filing like a mad woman. The filing is the most important part to ensure everything is smooth and even.

Once Amy finished filing, she applied the gel top coat and I went to dry for about ten minutes.


Overall, I would give the product a 3.5 out of 5. The main aspect of this product that I love is no glue or UV light, which makes this is a much healthier alternative than gels or acrylics. I also like that there are hundreds of color options.  Most new products have limited colors so I appreciated the selection. In general, the whole process was very different, so that kept me entertained during my manicure. Lastly, because this is a powder I am expecting this manicure to last a couple of weeks without chipping (I will update this post in two weeks to show how the product wore over time).

Now, what I don’t like about the product is the whole filing of the nails. I feel like if you get your nails done somewhere that the technician isn’t trained well, or used to doing the powder often, it could leave the finish product looking bumpy. Also, since the powder is layered my nails look a little thicker than I would normally like. To sum it up, I am a perfectionist and even though this is a much healthier alternative the neatness and symmetry of a regular manicure can not be beat.

I will probably try the SNS Gelous manicure one more time, just to see if the product grows on me. If you have tried SNS before, please comment below and let me know about your experience!

Thanks for reading!

Love you mean it!

Ashlie <3

**Disclaimer: This product review was done without coercion or payment from Signature Nail System. This post is my personal opinion and I have no affiliation with this company.**

07 Mar

STOP! What To Avoid At The Nail Salon

Hi there!

Sadly, I recently had a fall out with my favorite nail salon and now I am looking for a new salon to call home. Living in New York there are many options to get your nails done. From luxurious exclusive spas to the hole in the wall nail salon. However, I found that it doesn’t matter how much a nail salon charges, or how beautiful the decor is. If the salon is not clean or following health guidelines, take your money elsewhere! On my journey for the best nail salon, I have come across many horrific situations and I felt the need to write this post.

Check out this list of what to avoid when checking out a new nail salon.

Overall Cleanliness

Is the salon clean? Does it smell sanitary? Are there nail clippings on the floor? Is the trash overflowing? This is just a great rule of thumb, and an easy way to know if you should give the salon a chance. Check the bathroom too! If they don’t care about keeping the bathroom clean then they probably will not care about health hazards and best practices. Follow your instincts ladies!

Avoid Whirlpool Tubs



This is a hard one because most nail salons have jet tubs for pedicures. But, the problem is that dead skin cells are being pushed through the filters and into the water. Most salons don’t change the filters, so just imagine all of the germs in there! A way to get around this is to make sure the technician does NOT turn on the jets, which can help reduce the spread of bacteria. Also, don’t hesitate to ask the technician to clean the filter in front of you. However, if possible choose a nail salon with stand alone porcelain tubs (pictured above).

Do Not Shave

I used to get embarrassed if I had a little stubble on my legs during a pedicure. But, it is OK! Shaving right before a pedicure is a horrible idea. When we shave we leave tiny cuts, and our skin is raw which can make it easy to catch an infection.

Look for Licenses

When you walk into the salon there should be a license for the salon and  all technicians visible right by the door. If you do not see one, ask the receptionist to show you their current licenses. If you get any push back this is a salon that does not deserve your business.


Proper sterilization technique are of utmost importance to me. Sterilization is mandatory and if any nail tech gives you an attitude about it, just leave. All disposable tools should be individual packaged. Metal tools should be sanitized in UV sterilizers or Barbicide for at least 10 minutes to kill bacteria and viruses. To ensure my own peace of mind, I invested in my own nail kit. I bring my own nail file, buffer, nail clippers, and cuticle file so I won’t have to worry about it.

Beware Of The Callus Remover

That ancient foot shaver is not even an option during your pedicure. Any tool that removes skin and can cause you to bleed is a red flag. So, if you see this tool being used in your salon think twice about returning in the future. They clearly do not care about client safety. A disposable pumice stone or callus remover solution will get the job done with out the risk of infection.

Don’t Cut Cuticles

This is the easiest way to get cut at the salon. I personally have had technicians cut my cuticles so low that it burned and it made me think..is this really necessary? Invest in a cuticle dissolving solution and just have the technician push them back. Your mani or pedi will come out the same and you will have peace of mind knowing you didn’t get cut.

This check list is all common sense stuff, but its up to us to speak up! Don’t let a few eye rolls from the staff deter you from keeping your self safe. You can catch MRSA, Hepatitis, Staphylococcus, fungus and other serious diseases from a dirty salon.

Trust your gut and I hope this list helps you find the best nail salon out there!

Love you mean it!

Ashlie <3

14 Feb

The Perfect Red Lip & Nail!

Hi loves!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Red is the color of love, the color that makes you feel sexy and stands out in a crowd. When you find the perfect red lip stick or nail polish you feel great! But, all red’s are NOT created equal and I felt it necessary to figure out which ones are the best. In honor of Valentine’s Day, check out my list of the perfect red lip stick’s and nail polishes!

Big Apple Red by OPI $10

This is old faithful for me, I own this color in regular and gel polish. With my skin tone, I love bright colors in general and this red polish definitely hits the spot.

Smith and Cult in Kundalini Hustle $18

This is a great cherry red and looks even better on fair skin tones.

Zoya in Livingston $10

Zoya is my favorite nail line bar none. This color has cool undertones, and is very opaque. Very opaque like.. you can get away with only one coat!

Motives in Red Stiletto $8

If you like a deeper red, Red Stiletto is for you . This polish is also special because my good friend Jasmine Yan, unfranchise owner of Motives Cosmetics and Shop.com put me on!

Essie  in Russian Roulette $8

This classic red is more on the orange-y side and looks best on darker/tan skin tones.

Nars in Chinatown $20

Chinatown is great for the fall and winter due to its purple undertones. If you feel like classic red is too loud for you, this is  a great alternative.


The perfect red lip is harder to find then the perfect polish. Lipstick is determined by skin tone, and you must know what tones work best for you to find the perfect shade.

Fair/ Light complexion –  the brightest of reds , raspberry and cranberry colors, with blue undertones work best.

Medium/ Dark complexion – orange based reds, burgundy and oxblood colors work best on darker tones.

MAC in Ruby Woo $17 

Let’s start with the most “basic” of the red’s. Every girl needs to own this, you will always find a moment where Ruby Woo works with your look. My only issue that it makes my lips very dry, so make sure you moisturize and exfoliate well beforehand.

Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Creme in Goddess 202 $30

I love the satin finish of this lipstick. Nothing is worse than having to reapply your lipstick every hour, well don’t worry because this color lasts for 10 hours straight!

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution $34

This is one of the only Charlotte Tilbury products I have tried and  I fell in love. This color works for pretty much anyone, and you can check it out by skin tone on their site too! A mix between a pinkish berry and deep red it really is beautifully flattering.

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Mysterious Red $27

This creamy chubby pencil glides on effortlessly and dries matte. Even though you have that matte finish your lips are moisturized underneath, because this pencil is enriched with Vitamin E.

Mac in Diva $17

Diva looks fabulous on medium and dark skinned tones. It’s a no brainer, you need this lipstick and the matching lip liner in your makeup collection.  I consider Diva to be my “natural” red, and I find myself wearing it all the time. Also, unlike Ruby Woo this is ALOT creamier, yet offers that chic matte finish.

Motives Maven Matte in Scandalous $21

This is another great red lip color by Motives that my friend Jasmine Yan of Shop.com introduced me to. Scandalous is a high pigmented matte lip gloss, that wears amazingly. I know you have seen those lip kits everywhere, and this is one to try.

Smashbox in Infrared $20

If I want to achieve that classic red lip, this is my go to color. Infrared has a matte creamy finish and is last longing. I recently bought three of these during Black Friday to stock up, since I wear it so much!

Hope this helps you on your search for the perfect red lipstick or nail polish. Red is such a classic color, and every woman should know what looks best on them for those moments where only a sultry red is appropriate.

Happy Valentines Day and thanks for reading!

Love you mean it ! <3



07 Feb

What Should I Get Bae For Valentine’s Day?


Well, it looks like it’s that time of year again…Valentine’s Day. V’day is when you have to wear red, receive obnoxious teddy bears, and eat heart shaped boxes of variety chocolate. I hate giving stupid gifts, thats are essentially a waste of money. And, nothing is worse than receiving a gift you don’t really want or need. Check out this list of gift ideas to give your bae for Valentine’s Day.

Gifts For Your Man

Art of Shaving Kit

I bought this for my husband and step father 3 years ago, and they still replenish it. Art of Shaving has a line of amazing shaving products for any man in your life. The products come unscented or in three signature scents; Sandalwood is my favorite, . The great thing about Art of Shaving is that there are many price points, for you to try the product before committing to a big bottle. The kit’s start from $35 to $120 depending on the size of products.

Where to buy: Art of Shaving $30 and up

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

If your bae is like mine, he indulges in video games from time to time, and has been talking about this game since before Christmas. If your boy didn’t  spend the $60 on it himself, he will love you for this gift. And maybe… even play the game with him for 30 minutes if you really want to score extra points.

Where to buy: Gamestop.com $60

Beer Basket

Whether your significant other loves beer, whiskey or wine this is an easy gift idea to make him smile. I personally love making my own baskets because I can personalize it with all of their favorite snacks, and hobbies. Just go to any dollar store or Michaels and get all of your basket supplies and fill it up! If your feeling lazy, you can find a basket for anyone at GourmetGiftBaskets.com.

Where to buy: Gourmet Gift Basket starting $40

Rent A Luxury Car

This is more of a splurge gift for that special someone. So, when we say rent a luxury car we are not talking about a Lexus; more like a Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini or whatever your heart desires! Starting at $450 per day depending on the car, this will make your man feel like a BOSS.

Where to buy: Gotham Dream Cars starting at $450

Amazon Echo

Amazon is my life, and this gadget is my new favorite toy. Set your alarm, get personalized news and traffic reports, check the weather, listen to music or turn the lights off all with the Echo. This is perfect for office, or just next to your bed. Everyone needs one of these!

Where to buy: Amazon.com $180

Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

The spicy lover in your life will love how original this gift is. This comes with enough ingredients to make up to 6 different kinds of hot sauce. I love gifts like this because he will be using it for months to come.

Where to buy:  UncommonGoods $35

Apology Note Pad

I love this gag gift! The apology note pad is self explanatory and is just a hilarious take on Valentine’s Day if you and your boo decide to play it low key this year.

Where to buy:  Amazon.com $6.50

Gifts For Your Girl


A beautiful bouquet of flowers is always a nice gesture on Valentine’s Day. But, let’s turn it up a notch with the Eternity de Venus by Venus ET Fleur. These beautifully packaged flowers last for at least ONE YEAR with no watering or maintenance.  They come in different quantities but in my opinion to get that wow factor you want to go with 16 or 42 roses.

Where to buy: Venus Et Fleur $299

Cosabella Lingerie

Lingerie is a V Day must have, especially if you shop at Cosabella. With ton’s of styles you can’t go wrong with a  lingerie set for your girl. This new choker style is sexy, edgy and on trend right now.

Where to buy: Cosabella $201 for all 3 pieces

Polaroid Snap

Polaroid camera’s have made a comeback. The new Polaroid’s have the precision of a digital camera and the instant  print out that is signature of the classic Polaroid. Available in different colors, this will make the special women in your life smile with nostalgia!

Where to buy: Amazon.com $90

Custom Date Necklace

Whether it is a wedding date, birth of a child, or first date this necklace will be her new every day piece of jewelry. You can find many Etsy designers who can achieve this design but since Valentine’s Day is around the corner, I found an online vendor that has guaranteed express delivery for Valentine’s Day!

Where to buy: My Name Necklace $39 and up

Sephora Anything

Seriously.. just walk into Sephora and start throwing things in the bag. This is always a great option if you both decided not to go crazy for Valentine’s Day, a little Sephora gift card will make her jump for joy without breaking the bank and making anyone feel guilty. They even have eGift Cards for my last minute people out there!

Where to buy: Sephora.com Gift Cards starting at $25

Diptyque Candles

I received a gift set of Diptyque candles a couple of years ago and I am hooked. Any candle lover would appreciate these candles. They are a little pricy if you don’t understand the appeal of candles, but they are worth it. Their famous scent “roses” would be a great spot to start, but you can’t go wrong with a sample set to give your Valentine some options.

Where to buy: Nordstrom $32 and up

Cooking Class

Recently, for my anniversary I bought the husband and I, a cooking class at Hudson Table in Hoboken, NJ. This was one of the best date nights we have had in a while, and my husband is still talking about how much fun he had. Since, we enjoyed ourselves so much , we bought our in laws cooking classes as holiday gifts and it was a hit! If your wife or girlfriend loves to cook or just is curious about a certain type of cuisine this is a unique gift idea.

Where to buy: Hudson Table $95 per person or Taste Buds Kitchen $79 per person


Cosabella Set

This cute thong and candle set is the perfect sexy gift to give out to our girlfriends. One size fit’s all so you don’t even have to think about it!

Where to buy: Cosabella $54

Tasty Cookbook

We are all addicted to those Tasty recipe video’s on Facebook. So, why not get your friend a cookbook and customize it based on what they like! For Valentine’s Day, you can add extra dessert and romantic dinner recipes into your book too.

Where to buy: Tastybook.com $24

Sephora Fragrance Favorites

This is my go to gift for every occasion. Sephora has different price points to choose from, but all set’s come with mini designer fragrances. I personally love getting perfume kits. They are great to throw in your purse, for traveling , or a smart way to try out a perfume before you buy the full size.

Where to buy: Sephora $20 and up

Amazon Echo Dot

Be that awesome friend that bring’s Alexa to one of your friends lives! Similar to the Amazon Echo, the Echo Dot is a smaller version of the voice controlled device. Control your music, order your Uber, shop on Amazon all through the Echo Dot.

Where to buy: Amazon.com $50

Best Friend Sweat Shirt

Sometimes, you just have to get weird with your best friend. These hoodies are self explanatory and perfect for you and your partner in crime.

Where to buy: Kkarma Love $60 each

Alex and Ani Bracelet

Alex and Ani bracelet’s are still very popular and an easy way to give a thoughtful gift. Whether its a bff bracelet, your friends initial or their favorite animal. Alex and Ani bracelet’s are affordable and the perfect quick gift.

Where to buy: Alex and Ani $28 and up

I hope this post help’s you find the perfect gift for your boo this Valentine’s Day. Remember you don’t have to break the bank to get your significant other a nice gift. But, if you got it like that… SPEND IT!

Thanks for reading!

Love you mean it!




29 Dec

10 Beauty Trend’s That Can Stay in 2016!

As the year dwindles down, I start to think; what do I need to get rid of before the New Year? If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat you’ve noticed that this year I bought more beauty products than ever. With hundreds of new trends and products, we see from the top bloggers and influencers, we think we can do it all. Ummm… NOPE, think again! Check out my list of top beauty trends we need to leave in 2016 and never look back!

Boxy Eyebrows

This is the most important trend of all. Now, I unfortunately haven’t been blessed with thick eye-brows, so filling them in is a MUST! But, these boxy, super dark, Oscar the Grouch eye brows are not attractive.  We need to do better ladies, and focus on a more subtle soft brow. Eyebrows are the focal point of our face, and this needs to stop now!

Over Concealed Eyebrows

This piggy backs off the boxy eyebrows epidemic. But, concealing your eyebrows is crucial to making your eye-brows pop and look neat. However, it is important to blend the concealer! Concealing around your eye brows without properly blending defeats the purpose. When you don’t blend you look like you have outlined your eyebrows in chalk. Blending is your friend ladies.

Double Buns

The top knot, and high bun have been popular for a couple years now. But, specifically I am talking about these pigtail buns. It really makes you look like a ten year old. Now, don’t get me wrong some people can pull this look off without a doubt. But on the other hand, the majority of us look ridiculous. #takethosebunsout

Horribly Glued Lashes

Have you ever seen a girl with lashes on, and at the base of the lash its thick and clumpy. Yeah…. we are leaving that in 2016. Personally, I am not the best at applying my own lashes, which is why I rarely wear them. If you can NOT apply lashes properly, then you should not be wearing them. Nothing is worse than a woman with some caked on lash glue, it looks so dirty.

Over Highlighting

2016 opened my eyes to highlighting. I love my Anastasia Glow Kit more than all my other highlighters I’ve tried this year. But, its soooooooo easy to over do it. That lit from within glow, has a strict LESS is MORE policy.  Over highlighting your lip and nose looks like you have a sparkly mustache. Highlighting is key for the perfect look, remember everything in moderation.

Fake Freckles

Now, if the Lord didn’t bless you with freckles… why on earth are you using eye liner to achieve this? There isn’t much that needs to be said about this, but if you don’t have freckles in real life, don’t draw them on. You look ridiculous. #wipeoffyourfreckles

White Setting Powder

Setting powder is necessary to reduce fine lines, set your concealer/ foundation which gives that photo finish look. But, setting powder is NOT for every day because it is best when photographed. Too much setting powder gives your face a chalky over tone, which looks horrible. If you MUST use setting powder on a  daily basis, invest in one that is slightly pigmented to reduce that ashy look. If you are a woman of color, think twice before you slather your face in this powder. Because 90% of the time when you go out side you will look like a ghost.

Waist Trainers

I personally, don’t see why the CDC has’t banned these contraptions. For the past few years women have been squishing their organs to get a small waist, and a big butt. But, it just isn’t cute. First off, you can see it under your clothes so you look lumpy. Secondly, the longterm effects of wearing the waist trainer makes you look unnatural and unhealthy. Go to the gym, cut out carbs, and do some squats like the rest of us.

Too Light/Dark Foundation

As a woman of color, all my life I have struggled to find the perfect foundation. Nothing is worse than your face being a different color than your neck. But, I have noticed it’s not just women of color that are struggling to find the right foundation, its EVERYONE. With there being so many types of foundation and resources, to find the perfect shade, there is no reason to have that two tone thing going on. Do your research, consult with a beauty expert and find your shade.

Over Contouring

Last, but DEFINITELY not least; 2016 has been the year of the contour. Pretty much any makeup lover has bought a contour kit and has played around in it. But, we all are NOT experts and many of us need to have to a seat. Contouring is meant to shape your face using lighter or darker shades of foundation/concealer. But, the issue is that people are OVER contouring. If your face looks like a box, or your jaw looks sharp enough to cut someone…. you might of contoured too much. Blending is key, and understanding what areas of your face to contour is important too. Im tired of seeing these skinny noses and boxy chins. Put, the contour kit down if you don’t know what you’re doing.

2016 has been one hell of year. We are all guilty of one or more of these trends; so don’t take it personally. Leave it in 2016 and let’s do better in 2017 ladies!

Thanks for reading and happy New Year!

Love you mean it!


13 Oct

10 Item’s You Need For Your Fall Wardrobe!

hi loves!

As much as I love the Autumn season, I am never ready for it. But, here it is, and  now its time to put on our boots and take out those leather jackets! With every season its great to spruce up your existing wardrobe with trendy items. Check out this list of must have items to add to your fall closet. No matter the budget its easy to stay on trend this year!
screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-8-28-48-pmI’m sure you’ve seen every girl rocking a pair of Superstar Adidas this summer. But, this fall you need to snag your self a pair of kicks if you don’t already have a  pair in your closet. Match your sneakers with dresses, skirts, and jeans this fall to switch it up from boots.

1. Puma X Fenty $200

2. Superstar Adidas $80

3. Nike Women’s Huarache $110

4. Suede Platform Gold $100


Chokers have been around for a few season’s now. The new way to incorporate the choker look into your wardrobe is by layering  it  with short and long necklaces. Leather, suede and velvet chokers are more popular now too.

1. Crescent Tattoo Choker by Charlotte Russe $6

2. Fallon Leather Wrap $295

3. Faux Leather Crystal Choker by Bebe $200

4.  Interstellar Double Rosary Necklace $248

5. Mudder Long Black Velvet Choker $5


Cropped jeans in the fall… YES! Your ankles might be a little cold, but wear cropped jeans  with cute ankle boots, sneakers or flats and your all set.  If your feeling crafty, this is definitely a trend you can recreate with a pair of old jeans at home.

1. Blue Frayed Cropped Jeans by River Island $51

2. LEVI’S 501 CT Cropped Blue Destroyed $119

3. 3X1 Cropped Fringe Jeans $245

4. Big Brother Jeans by DSquared2 $790


I love to wear flats in fun colors, because it is a no brainer way to add some personality to your outfit.  Pair your flats with a dress for a more professional work look, or with your cropped jeans to add some flare to your weekend outfit. Either way, you need a pair of these in your fall closet now!

 1. Bloome Suede Tie Up Ballet Flats by Steve Madden $70

2. Sienna Ghillie Ballet Flat by Frye $228

3. Truffle Suede Lace Up Flat by French Sole NY $129

4. Flanda Denim Ballet Flats by Salvatore Ferragamo $640


Mid Calf boots are the new ankle boot. To rock this trend right, make sure your boots have a chunky square heel. The way this boot cuts mid calf elongates your legs and works with most body types. If you are going to wear jeans with your boots, make sure they are skinny jeans. Nothing is worse than boot cut jeans tucked into your ankle or mid calf boots. Just saying..

1.  Angnes Black Leather Boot by Rag and Bone $475

2. Edit Booties by Steve Madden $90

3. Stretch Velvet Boots by Steve Madden $135

4. Virginia High Heel Boots by Sergio Rossi $860

5. Lilian Stretch Bootie by BCBGeneration $98


Velvet is everywhere this season. Whether you feel comfortable wearing a velvet dress, boots, or pants. You have to try this trend! I probably wouldn’t commit to velvet boots, but a body suit or a turtle neck is a safe way to try this out if your feeling a little apprehensive about velvet.

1.  Short Sleeved Velvet Dress by Glamorous $29

2. Velvet Ankle Boot  by Gianvito Rossi $565

3. Crushed Velvet Skirt by MSGM $265

4. Velvet Panel Body Suit by Top Shop $50

5. Over the Knee Aquazarra Boots $895


If you know me, my fur vest is pretty much my fall uniform. It’s very easy to throw on fur when your wearing all black to look a little more chic.  Fur can be pricey, if you don’t buy faux. So, if you are deciding to splurge on a fur coat or vest make sure it is a neutral color that you can pair with items in your closet.  Unless you have money to blow on a turquoise fur jacket, snag the fun colors in faux.

1. Fabulous Fun Faux Fur Vest by Betsey Johnson $52

2. Faux Fur Front Sweater by Top Shop $62

3. Fur Neck Warmer Scarf $11

4. Yves Salomon Fur Collection $2,200 

5. Fur Collar Biker Jacket by Libby $92

6. Mint Pom Keychain by Zulily $8

7. Fluffy Fur Ever Bag by Pellobello $47

screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-7-49-13-pmI went to Zara the other day, and metallic was everywhere!  If your not into wearing metallic pants, you can try this out with a cute pair of loafers or cross body bag. Make sure you pair your metallic’s with jeans or neutral tones to not over do it.

1.Cotton Metallic Trousers by Isabel Marant $500

2 Brea Asymetric Metallic Leather Skirt by Boohoo $30

3. Connor Loafer by Michael Kors $135

4. DKNY Oversized Metallic Chunky Sweater $400

5. Metallic Pleated Trousers by Top Shop $60

screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-8-04-12-pmDusty rose is the new nude! What I love most about his color is that it looks great on all skin tones. Compliment this color with nude heels, brown boots or even black, and it works!

1.Bronze Slip by River Island $60

2. Claudia Turtleneck Dress by Rumour London $245

3. Open Knit Giro Sweater by Max Mara $135

4. Blusher Duster Coat by Miss Selfridge $72

5. Flyaway Cardigan by Melissa McCarthy $71

screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-8-19-46-pmI love how feminine a long coat looks with a dress and how it makes a casual look more refined. Coats can be so expensive but luckily this is a timeless style and if you invest in a wool trench you’ll have it for years to come.

1. Tall Selma Scuba Longline Duster Coat by Boohoo $44

2. Oversized Duster Coat by Alena Akhmadullina $1,240

3. Double Faced Wool Cashmere by Theory $795

4. Camel Duster Coat by Miss Selfridge $61

5. Formal Duster Coat by MINT velvet $230

Hope this helps you decide what items to add to your closet this fall!

Thanks for reading and following my blog!

Love you mean it <3


31 Jul

Headshots & Brunch with Rogerio Bussad

Hey loves!

The summer is going by so fast! Between work, and having a packed social calendar for the past 6 weeks, I haven’t had much time to blog!

But, a couple of weeks ago my good friend and photographer Rogerio Bussad and his husband Garry came over for a mimosa brunch while we had an amazing photoshoot at my apartment. I needed his help with some headshots for a project that I am working on and boy, did he deliver! Working with Rogerio is always a pleasure, because he brings passion to every single shot, and makes me feel so comfortable behind the lens.

Here’s a peek at some of our best shots!






Necklace : Nakamol



Necklace: JCREW



Necklace: Mark by Avon






My new kitten Khaleesi!


Special thanks to:

The Husbands: Phil and Garry

Rogerio Bussad of Rogerio Bussad Photography

Makeup by Jessica Legend 

Love you mean it!


14 Jun

June Beauty Haul

 Hi loves!

I did a little damage at Sephora and Mac the other day because I just needed some new stuff. After three hours of being indecisive, I left with some good and not so good products. Check out my review of the products below!

Cover FX Cream Concealer $27


I decided to pick up this concealer by Cover FX since they are pushing it so hard at Sephora. I like the creamy consistency of the concealer and the coverage is amazing. I don’t wear concealer often but when your concealer isn’t build able, whats the point? You can really layer this and it doesn’t reveal fine lines. The only thing is, the bottle is sooooo small! For $27 dollar’s you are not getting much concealer. Also, I don’t like how narrow the opening of the tube is.

Cover Fx Highlighter $18


This highlighter is great, but I don’t even care that the highlighter. This bottle is a sample size! When I got home and opened the box I literally laughed. Unfortunately, I suck at returning things so I am going to use it. But, sorry Cover FX you need to work on your packaging. As for the product, it illuminates well and lasts all day long.

Benefit! They’re Real Lash Primer $24


I’ve talked about this product a couple times. This is the best eyelash primer I’ve ever tried and it doesn’t get clumpy when you apply your mascara. Don’t worry that it is brown, when you put on your mascara the brown acts as the perfect base to make those lashes pop!

Benefit Speed Brow $18


I used to use Smashbox Brow Tech that had the brow pencil and brow gel all in one. So, I was in  desperate need off a new brow gel. This tinted brow gel, makes your brows stay in place and the tint isn’t too dark. I have worn this with and without makeup and have no complaints. If you are looking for a natural way to keep those brows in place, try this product.

Beach by Bobbi Brown $25


My friend Victoria wore this scent the other day and I found my self sniffing her LOL!  If you love the smell of sunblock with a hint of tropical this is for you. It is the perfect summer scent and genuinely makes me happy. This is literally “beach” in a bottle.

Anastasia Brow Wiz $21


I bought this brow pencil by Anastasia Beverly Hills in Ebony. This skinny pencil makes it very easy to define your brows. I love how it is not too dark,  because Dip Brow is just way too dark and makes my brows look very painted. This pencil allows me to give my eyebrows natural definition with precision since the pencil is angled. If you are a novice at eye brows or just need a great new product for killer brows, SNAG THIS!

Patent Polish Lip Pencil in Sultana $20


I went to Mac on the hunt for the perfect gloss I could throw on without having to use a liner, and was recommended to try this gem. This gloss has the perfect amount of shine and color. You can put on one coat for slight color, or pack it on for a dramatic look. The gloss is extremely creamy and long lasting. I personally can’t wear matte lip stick all day without my lips feeling like cardboard. So, this is a great every day gloss for me and I can’t wait to buy more colors.

In Extreme Dimension 3D Lash Mascara $22


The reviews on this mascara are mixed but I love it. The color is super black, and I like that it DOES NOT curl my lashes. I have very curly lashes and this mascara does the trick. Since this brush is wider it really separates the lashes and elongates them. It is pretty wet, and needs time to dry but I love how black it comes out. I know, I will buy another one of these very soon.

Thanks for checking out my blog!

Love you mean it!

Ashlie <3

11 May

Thailand: The Anniversary of My Dreams

Hey loves!

I went to Thailand and it was EPIC! Sorry, if I was blowing up your timeline. But, it was truly  the best trip I’ve ever been on.

This trip was planned to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary. It’s pretty safe to say I have completely fallen in love with Thailand from our trip. Everything from the food, the beaches, night life, animals and the total vibe of the country was like a dream. It was the perfect getaway.

A couple posts ago, I mentioned Thailand being one of the places I wanted to travel on my bucket list (Read it here!), and I am so happy I got to fulfill that dream.

Now let’s get into!

One of the main reason’s I loved Phuket was that everything was super affordable which allowed us to do anything we wanted. To give you an idea; 1 US Dollar equals about 35 Thai Bhat. So, to put that in perspective a 90 minute Thai massage is about 350 Thai Baht or 10 dollars! Needless to say, I got a massage every single day! LOL


I’m an island girl so beaches are a huge deal for me when going on vacation. The main reason we picked this trip was because Phuket is known for having some of the nicest beaches in the world. And man they weren’t kidding.

 I can’t wait to try the seasonings we bought there and make some authentic Thai food at home.





The water is crystal clear, not a drop of seaweed, and the sand is soft like powder. I spent most of my time on the beach during the day. Note: Most hotels in the Patong Beach area of Phuket, do not have their own private beaches . The hotels are near the beach which is accessible to everyone, but I didn’t want to deal with the hassle of crowds. Le Meridien Phuket is one if not the only hotel in the area with a private beach.

IMG_0668 IMG_1701

We couldn’t have chose a better hotel  for our trip. The staff, the cleanliness, the variety of food, and just the decor of the grounds were absolutely breath taking.  I felt like our hotel was the perfect hideaway in the hustle and bustle of Patong Beach.



Now, Phuket is a very big island and every area is a bit different. We stayed in Patong because we wanted the ability to chill at the beach during the day but also party at night. Staying at Le Meridien Phuket was the best decision we made because it was only a 5 minute taxi away from Bangla Road (Downtown area).



Everywhere you turn on Bangla Road someone is selling something, or trying to get you to try out their restaurant, or club. In a nutshell, they are hustlin’ all day every day to get tourists in their businesses. Not going to lie.. Bangla Road is pretty intense since there is so much going on, but I had a great time!


Fake Yeezy’s at the market! LOL



The food in Thailand was delicious. On our anniversary night we went to Mom Tri’s Kitchen  which is one of the most romantic restaurants in Patong. The food was delicious , service top notch and the view breathtaking. That was one of the most memorable meals of our entire trip.


During the day we tried to do as many tours as possible. One of the most memorable days was when we spent the entire day island hopping! We took a speedboat to Phi Phi Island – famous for the movie Beaches, with Leonardo DiCaprio , Phi Phi Don, Khai, Yao Yai and Bamboo Island.
IMG_1176 IMG_1103
I loved every second of this tour! It was beautiful to see the different islands and how they each had something different to offer.
Another day, we did a nature tour and elephant trekking through the Chalong highlands.
We learned how to make coconut milk and oil. We rode a water buffalo through a rice field, and learned how to make Thai curry and desserts. It was great!  I can’t wait to try the seasonings we bought and make some authentic Thai food at home.
But, feeding the elephants and riding them through the mountains was the best part.At first, I was a little nervous because when you are sitting on the elephant it is like 12 feet up and very shaky.

IMG_0809 IMG_0848 IMG_0815

The view from the top of the highlands while riding the elephants was gorgeous!
When I originally researched things to do in Phuket. The Tiger Kingdom was #1 on my list of things to do! I mean.. where else in the world am I going to be able to touch a tiger!
Photo15 4 3
Thailand was a trip of pure relaxation, from the amazing food, the night life , and wildlife . I am definitely looking to go back to Thailand in the near future. We even checked out how much it would be to rent out a condo LOL that’s how bad we didn’t want to leave.
The only con of the trip was the distance. 20 hours of traveling was pretty tough especially because my hubby and I are very tall, but I would definitely do it again. I am beyond grateful I  got to experience this trip of a lifetime.
Now, where should we go next?!
Thanks for reading, and go to Thailand!
Love you mean it!