11 May

Thailand: The Anniversary of My Dreams

Hey loves!

I went to Thailand and it was EPIC! Sorry, if I was blowing up your timeline. But, it was truly  the best trip I’ve ever been on.

This trip was planned to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary. It’s pretty safe to say I have completely fallen in love with Thailand from our trip. Everything from the food, the beaches, night life, animals and the total vibe of the country was like a dream. It was the perfect getaway.

A couple posts ago, I mentioned Thailand being one of the places I wanted to travel on my bucket list (Read it here!), and I am so happy I got to fulfill that dream.

Now let’s get into!

One of the main reason’s I loved Phuket was that everything was super affordable which allowed us to do anything we wanted. To give you an idea; 1 US Dollar equals about 35 Thai Bhat. So, to put that in perspective a 90 minute Thai massage is about 350 Thai Baht or 10 dollars! Needless to say, I got a massage every single day! LOL


I’m an island girl so beaches are a huge deal for me when going on vacation. The main reason we picked this trip was because Phuket is known for having some of the nicest beaches in the world. And man they weren’t kidding.

 I can’t wait to try the seasonings we bought there and make some authentic Thai food at home.





The water is crystal clear, not a drop of seaweed, and the sand is soft like powder. I spent most of my time on the beach during the day. Note: Most hotels in the Patong Beach area of Phuket, do not have their own private beaches . The hotels are near the beach which is accessible to everyone, but I didn’t want to deal with the hassle of crowds. Le Meridien Phuket is one if not the only hotel in the area with a private beach.

IMG_0668 IMG_1701

We couldn’t have chose a better hotel  for our trip. The staff, the cleanliness, the variety of food, and just the decor of the grounds were absolutely breath taking.  I felt like our hotel was the perfect hideaway in the hustle and bustle of Patong Beach.



Now, Phuket is a very big island and every area is a bit different. We stayed in Patong because we wanted the ability to chill at the beach during the day but also party at night. Staying at Le Meridien Phuket was the best decision we made because it was only a 5 minute taxi away from Bangla Road (Downtown area).



Everywhere you turn on Bangla Road someone is selling something, or trying to get you to try out their restaurant, or club. In a nutshell, they are hustlin’ all day every day to get tourists in their businesses. Not going to lie.. Bangla Road is pretty intense since there is so much going on, but I had a great time!


Fake Yeezy’s at the market! LOL



The food in Thailand was delicious. On our anniversary night we went to Mom Tri’s Kitchen  which is one of the most romantic restaurants in Patong. The food was delicious , service top notch and the view breathtaking. That was one of the most memorable meals of our entire trip.


During the day we tried to do as many tours as possible. One of the most memorable days was when we spent the entire day island hopping! We took a speedboat to Phi Phi Island – famous for the movie Beaches, with Leonardo DiCaprio , Phi Phi Don, Khai, Yao Yai and Bamboo Island.
IMG_1176 IMG_1103
I loved every second of this tour! It was beautiful to see the different islands and how they each had something different to offer.
Another day, we did a nature tour and elephant trekking through the Chalong highlands.
We learned how to make coconut milk and oil. We rode a water buffalo through a rice field, and learned how to make Thai curry and desserts. It was great!  I can’t wait to try the seasonings we bought and make some authentic Thai food at home.
But, feeding the elephants and riding them through the mountains was the best part.At first, I was a little nervous because when you are sitting on the elephant it is like 12 feet up and very shaky.

IMG_0809 IMG_0848 IMG_0815

The view from the top of the highlands while riding the elephants was gorgeous!
When I originally researched things to do in Phuket. The Tiger Kingdom was #1 on my list of things to do! I mean.. where else in the world am I going to be able to touch a tiger!
Photo15 4 3
Thailand was a trip of pure relaxation, from the amazing food, the night life , and wildlife . I am definitely looking to go back to Thailand in the near future. We even checked out how much it would be to rent out a condo LOL that’s how bad we didn’t want to leave.
The only con of the trip was the distance. 20 hours of traveling was pretty tough especially because my hubby and I are very tall, but I would definitely do it again. I am beyond grateful I  got to experience this trip of a lifetime.
Now, where should we go next?!
Thanks for reading, and go to Thailand!
Love you mean it!