07 Mar

STOP! What To Avoid At The Nail Salon

Hi there!

Sadly, I recently had a fall out with my favorite nail salon and now I am looking for a new salon to call home. Living in New York there are many options to get your nails done. From luxurious exclusive spas to the hole in the wall nail salon. However, I found that it doesn’t matter how much a nail salon charges, or how beautiful the decor is. If the salon is not clean or following health guidelines, take your money elsewhere! On my journey for the best nail salon, I have come across many horrific situations and I felt the need to write this post.

Check out this list of what to avoid when checking out a new nail salon.

Overall Cleanliness

Is the salon clean? Does it smell sanitary? Are there nail clippings on the floor? Is the trash overflowing? This is just a great rule of thumb, and an easy way to know if you should give the salon a chance. Check the bathroom too! If they don’t care about keeping the bathroom clean then they probably will not care about health hazards and best practices. Follow your instincts ladies!

Avoid Whirlpool Tubs



This is a hard one because most nail salons have jet tubs for pedicures. But, the problem is that dead skin cells are being pushed through the filters and into the water. Most salons don’t change the filters, so just imagine all of the germs in there! A way to get around this is to make sure the technician does NOT turn on the jets, which can help reduce the spread of bacteria. Also, don’t hesitate to ask the technician to clean the filter in front of you. However, if possible choose a nail salon with stand alone porcelain tubs (pictured above).

Do Not Shave

I used to get embarrassed if I had a little stubble on my legs during a pedicure. But, it is OK! Shaving right before a pedicure is a horrible idea. When we shave we leave tiny cuts, and our skin is raw which can make it easy to catch an infection.

Look for Licenses

When you walk into the salon there should be a license for the salon and  all technicians visible right by the door. If you do not see one, ask the receptionist to show you their current licenses. If you get any push back this is a salon that does not deserve your business.


Proper sterilization technique are of utmost importance to me. Sterilization is mandatory and if any nail tech gives you an attitude about it, just leave. All disposable tools should be individual packaged. Metal tools should be sanitized in UV sterilizers or Barbicide for at least 10 minutes to kill bacteria and viruses. To ensure my own peace of mind, I invested in my own nail kit. I bring my own nail file, buffer, nail clippers, and cuticle file so I won’t have to worry about it.

Beware Of The Callus Remover

That ancient foot shaver is not even an option during your pedicure. Any tool that removes skin and can cause you to bleed is a red flag. So, if you see this tool being used in your salon think twice about returning in the future. They clearly do not care about client safety. A disposable pumice stone or callus remover solution will get the job done with out the risk of infection.

Don’t Cut Cuticles

This is the easiest way to get cut at the salon. I personally have had technicians cut my cuticles so low that it burned and it made me think..is this really necessary? Invest in a cuticle dissolving solution and just have the technician push them back. Your mani or pedi will come out the same and you will have peace of mind knowing you didn’t get cut.

This check list is all common sense stuff, but its up to us to speak up! Don’t let a few eye rolls from the staff deter you from keeping your self safe. You can catch MRSA, Hepatitis, Staphylococcus, fungus and other serious diseases from a dirty salon.

Trust your gut and I hope this list helps you find the best nail salon out there!

Love you mean it!

Ashlie <3